Clearwater Half Marathon

It might be the most challenging half marathon in Florida, with two ascents each over two relatively tall bridges connecting Clearwater to the barrier islands.

It might be Florida’s most scenic half marathon, as the entire course is within 1/4 mile of Clearwater Bay and / or the Gulf of Mexico.

The Clearwater Memorial Bridge and The Sand Key Bridge provide both the demanding challenges and the spectacular views.

The Course

Starting from Clearwater’s downtown waterfront adjacent to the bandshell in Coachman Park, athletes head north, east, south and west through downtown to access the Clearwater Bridge, reaching the top at precisely the 1 mile marker. It’s downhill from there along the perfectly manicured Clearwater Causeway to award-winning Clearwater Beach, heading south to the Sand Key Bridge, the top of which is at mile 4.

With a start shortly before sunrise, athletes enjoy the sunrise over Clearwater Bay, before descending onto Gulf Boulevard and into Sand Key Park, for a quick tour around its access road and through its parking lots. Parking lots may sound boring, but you’ll be just feet from our world-famous white sand, and at the turn-around points, you’ll be able to see fellow athletes passing in the opposite direction.

Shortly after leaving Sand Key, you’ll reach the mid-point heading south on Gulf Boulevard through our well-kept condo canyons, crossing Gulf Boulevard and returning north. You’ll love this stretch, as you will enjoy a long opportunity to see most of the competitors in the field.

Just after passing mile marker 9, located across from Sand Key Park, you’ll be ascending Sand Key Bridge again, and then returning back through Clearwater Beach, before accessing the Clearwater Causeway for more than a mile. Just after the 12-mile marker, you’ll be heading up the race’s 4th and final ascent, before cruising down the spiral walkway, leading to the bay level and the finish line just ahead at Coachman Park.

Time to celebrate and recover on the grass of Coachman Park with an assortment of fruit, pastries, freshly prepared pasta, and ice-cold Michelob Ultra, as you listen to our live music, followed by the presentation of overall and age group awards. CONGRATULATIONS!

Click here for a “Mile by Mile” overview of the course.

Course Limit

The course will be open based on a 3.5 hour pace from the 7:05 am early start. Course will open to traffic based on that pace. For instance, participants should be at the midpoint by 8:35 a.m. Participants slower than that need to move to the sidewalks and adhere to normal pedestrian laws.

Course Support

  • We offer Gatorade and water at 6 aid stations starting at mile 2.8. Athletes who feel they will need additional hydration than what we provide are welcome to make their own arrangements, such as carrying additional fluids or having friends meet them along the course.
  • Fresh Florida Oranges are available starting at the mile 6 aid station.
  • Medical support is available from ambulances stationed along the course, and at the finish line. If you need medical assistance, the ambulances will be mobile and able to respond.

Certification / Timing

The course is USATF certified, meaning it has been accurately measured and all supporting documentation has been approved. We use computerized chip timing, but official results will be based on “Gun Time” as per USATF rules.


Average Low – 50°
Average High – 71°
Average Monthly rainfall – 1.99 ”
Sunrise: 7:22 a.m.


Gold running starfish medals for all Halfathon finishers
Age Group Awards – 3 deep in standard 5 year age groups
Overall Male / Female Awards – 3 deep
Masters (40+) Male / Female Awards – 3 deep
Grandmasters (50+) Male / Female Awards – 3 deep



Created in 2006 as a result of our Gulf Beaches Marathon being put on hold due to road construction on Gulf Boulevard in Indian Shores. While participation was limited to 381 athletes that first year, feedback from those athletes was very favorable – they loved the challenge and the scenery.

Participation grew to 578 entrants the following year, an increase of 52%. Unseasonably cold and windy weather in our third year kept many of our athletes under their sheets, while others opted to reduce their distance to our 5-Miler. While total participation grew to 703 athletes, less than 400 finished our halfathon that year.

With perfect weather last winter, athletes responded to the challenge in record numbers. Halfathon athletes rebounded to 669 athletes, with more than 500 finishers and another 203 entrants in our Clearwater 5-Miler. Total participation equaled 872 athletes, an increase of 129% in our first four years.

Despite an increase in the number of local half marathons, growth has continued, with total participation now exceeding 1,000 entrants for each of the last three years.

Clearwater Halfathon Feedback

This was my first half-marathon and my Ironman cousin from Texas came out to run it with me! We had such a great time! I’m a short-distance triathlete, so I wanted a beautiful, well-organized first 13.1 and this was definitely that! Loved the scenic course (I used that to sell her on coming out here) as it constantly reminded me what I love about living in Florida! Bridges were challenging, but provided beauty and inspiration with the views! All in all, just a great day! Thanks again for the wonderful organization and communication from registration through post-race results! You guys are really a fabulous event group! We do triathlons throughout the year and have done many races – both my cousin and myself commented on how well this was organized and staffed! Thanks Again.
– Sara Jo Lawrence, Wesley Chapel, FL

Thank you for a fantastic race this morning! It was one of my favorite half marathons I have ever run. The only thing that could have made it better was to not have that head wind on mile 13 as I climbed the bridge! Thank you again for an incredible racing experience.
– Jacki Wachtel, New Port Richey, FL

Thank you again for a beautiful, well run race!!!! The Clearwater 1/2 Marathon remains at the top of my list as Florida’s number one 1/2 marathon! I’ll be back again next year!!!
– Carol Nicholas, Lecanto, FL

Great job folks ! Everything was perfect. Don’t change anything. Cheers.
– Christophe Wilhelm, Oldsmar, FL

Congratulations on a well-organized race. Good weather; enough good food/drinks for everyone; great volunteers; excellent traffic control. I know putting on a race is no simple feat–and you did very well. Kudos for a job well done!
– Cathy Detman, Flint MI

Boy those bridges are a challenge, aren’t they? Great job! Thank you.
– Patrick Padden, Concord, MA

Writing to say thanks for pushing my fee forward for the Clearwater race today. It was a great race, great weather, and post race events. Thank you again for all of your help and kindness.
– Tamala Mullins, St. Petersburg, FL

My son, Robert Stewart placed 1st in his age group. The race course was awesome, he really enjoyed it! Thanks!
Karen Stewart, Lutz, FL

Today’s race was wonderful.
– Mary Timberlake, Largo, FL

Great race today! Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for awards as my ride wanted to leave. It was cold this morning! I won the 1st Grandmaster’s award (sounds so old).
– Gail Norman, Tampa, FL

The race was well-run and adjusted well to the turnout. I plan to be back next year. Thank you.
– Maureen Schauf, Sparta, WI

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Clearwater Halfathon! Beautiful course, perfect weather, great volunteers and ice cold Mich Ultra! Headed to Atlanta for the ING and will carry with me the fond memories of such an intimate and energized race you guys provided! Great job. See you next year.
– Van Ly, Seattle, WA

Thanks for running a great race yesterday! Thanks for everything!
– Seychelle Vos, Berkeley, CA

Yesterday was my first half marathon and I just wanted to say thanks for a great morning-it couldn’t have been a better first half. I was intimidated at first by the bridges as I don’t usually run inclines on a normal day, but I think they ended up being a great challenge and variation in course to such a long run. The location was great; it was nice being right by the water especially as the sun rose. And additionally awesome was the amount of passer-bys cheering everyone on. I look forward to the Fort Desoto half in March!
– Kelli Tahaney, Saint Petersburg, FL

Great job overall. Great course and nice weather yesterday. Great volunteers and nice production. The finish line announcer did a great job. Great race, see you next year.
– Darren D. Farfante, Tampa, FL

I did PR at this event. I look for key things at all marathons and half marathons:

#1 on my list is the award. Yours are great. Only better in my pile are Marine corps, Disney, and Miami. Not sure what you are planning for the full marathon. May be add some color to the full marathon award, like Marine corps did.

Pictures are #2. It looked like the photo shots were placed in good locations. I am not sure without looking at the final product.

Toilets are #3. Lines were not bad so that shows you did a good job.

Food and drink is #4. Another great job. Beer and pasta at the end. And the on route drinks were as much as needed. You may need plans to add a few stations if the weather predicts an unusually hot day.

Parking is always important. Great job. I look at all kinds of other things, and nothing stood out as needing work. This was my first time at your event. Overall it was great. I will be back. Hope for the full next year.
– Steve Young, Crystal River, FL

I had a really great time at the race. The course was beautiful and very challenging. Climbing the bridges was absolutely brutal, but the incredible view at the top made it completely worth the effort.
– Stephen Cole, Clearwater, FL

Thanks for a nicely organized race. This was my second year running and I’ve enjoyed it both years. You had a great turnout and I’m always glad to see this many people exposed to our downtown. Perhaps next year we could have some promotion tied with downtown merchants and businesses as well. Let me know if that interests you. Thanks again for a job well done.
– Dave Allbritton, Chairman, Clearwater Downtown Development Board

I am new to this so haven’t run too many races. Love this course and the setup was great. My favorite part was having my name on my bib and hearing my name as I crossed the finishing line (and she pronounced my name correctly which is rare). That is a nice touch I haven’t seen yet (though I haven’t been in a lot of races). I was hoping to hit it in under 2 hours (missed it by 1 minute 13 seconds…) I will definitely sign up for the Ft. Desoto race. I think I have a better chance of breaking that mark on the flat course. Thanks again for a great race.
– Susan Massarsky, Safety Harbor, FL

I thought the race was a lot if fun. The course was very challenging. Especially the bridges! The description on the site was right on. Beautiful and challenging. I enjoyed the race and plan on running it again. Thanks.
Keith Ribalta, Palm Harbor

Thank you for organizing such a nice race, the “Bridges of Pinellas County” halfathon as I re-named it was indeed scenic and challenging. The perfect weather for running also allowed me to enjoy a PR. Thank you to the volunteers – the water, Gatorade and oranges were all appreciated. I look forward to running this race again.
– Lauren Murphy, Tampa, FL

Thanks for another great race. This is a tough course, but so beautiful. The water stations were well staffed and I especially like the oranges. Thanks.
– Vickie Krivacs, Palm Harbor, FL

Yesterday’s event was my first half marathon, but not my first race. My husband went with me and ran the 5 miler. Your organization knows how to put on a good race! From the regular email updates to the finish line, the entire event was well organized and executed. We arrived early and got our t-shirts, goody bags, etc. quickly and with no hassle. Bathroom provisions were plentiful. The volunteers were super, friendly and did an excellent job. The course was well marked and accurately measured, according to my Garmin. Your course description was correct. Having been a Floridian for 31 years, I’m well acquainted with the beauty of the beaches, but not with the challenge of the bridges. I loved the post-race pasta. It was delicious! Personally, I went into the half having only run 10 miles as my longest distance and with what little hill training I could get. I wore shoes that gave me blisters (my own mistake) and spent the last half of the race in pain, alternating between walking and slowly running. The bridges were tough and the wind made them even tougher. Had it not been for my shoes, I would have enjoyed the race more. Lesson learned for next time! I now have a PR that I have to beat. Thank you for a great race event and for caring about our feedback. Regards.
– Ann Wilkinson, New Port Richey, FL

Thank you for a great race yesterday. The event was well-organized, accurately described on your website, and was nice and challenging. And we were blessed with great weather…not too hot and not too cold and not even much wind-unusual for being so near the beach! This was my first half marathon, and I did reach my goal of under 2 hours! Yeah! I am so thankful for my Garmin that helped me pace myself. Thanks again for a great race and for welcoming feedback.
– Jennifer Williams, Brandon, FL

Outstanding organization and planning. Really liked getting the number in the mail. The race was great, what a scenic run! Thank you so much! Who would have thought that spaghetti and meatballs would taste so good at 9:00 AM Saturday morning? I’ll see you again at a few more events this year, and back again next year for a repeat.
– Craig Conrad, New Port Richey, FL

Thank you for organizing another great race! Our thanks to you and your volunteers! We appreciate your continuing support of running, fitness, competition and fun. It has been to our benefit and pleasure to be a part of the 10 years you have offered the Gulf Beaches and Clearwater races. Many thanks….to you, your family and to the volunteers who help make it fun for us, the runners. We look forward to seeing you at the March race at Fort DeSoto Park! Glad we had the chance to visit at the Finish. The race was special for both of us.
– Glenn & Leslie Jacobs, New Port Richey, FL

I only have one complaint, your beautiful wife was not at the finish line to hang the starfish around my neck. There is just something about someone putting that starfish medal around your neck as apposed to handing it to you that makes it a little extra rewarding. Other than that it was another outstanding event. And thank you for honoring me with the number 5 bib number for the 5 years I have competed in this event. I figured that because I signed up for the full this year that you may of given the number to someone else. When I opened by envelop and found the number 5 bib number it was obvious why you are a success. You are the master of details. With all the many details of putting this event on to remember such a small thing made an old man’s day. With all my respect,
– Allen Weatherilt, Clearwater, FL

Just a note to thank you for another great race. Everything was just ideal from the weather conditions, volunteers, after race party, pre-race pick up and athlete camaraderie. This was my 5th Clearwater Halfathon out of five and will continue to be a ‘Clearwater Halfathon statistic’. Thanks again for all you do!
– Laurie Pelletier, New Port Richey, FL

The volunteers seemed like they were enjoying themselves as much as we were. They were friendly and upbeat. My wife and I arrived after 6:15 am and scurried to a very long line. We thought it was the line for chips for those who pre-registered. Although we were in the wrong line, it didn’t matter because of how efficiently entrants were being handled. Once we made it to the kiosk, we were redirected and in no time we were ready to race. The bridges were challenging, the view beautiful, and the weather was just about perfect. Looking forward to next year when Clearwater Beach will have its finishing touches.
– Michael Moritz, Belleair Bluffs, FL

What a beautiful day! My friend and I finally hit our goal of under 2 1/2 hours for our half … even with the hills!! We were psyched, especially since we had forgotten our watches and basically were just having a good time. A couple of Mad Dogs were pacing in front of us and we would drop back and pick up and ended up crossing the finish with them … I knew if we stuck with them we would get our PR … and we did! Thanks for the great experience.
– Lori Mobley, Trinity, FL

Terrific race and very well run. My first time there and really enjoyed things. Congrats to you and your staff/volunteers.
– Diane Duelfer, Basking Ridge, NJ

A big Thank You to you and your team for putting together a great race. The course was challenging and very scenic, a great day and venue to run. Thank you also to all the volunteers who make the races a lot easier on us runners. It certainly would not be the same without you. This was our third race of this years series and each race has been a challenging and very enjoyable to participate in. Looking forward to getting back to Ft De Soto for the finale. I know more people appreciate your efforts than you hear from so keep up the good work.
– Greg Brown, Lakeland

Awesome race Saturday morning. My son Alex Shirley (16) ran his first 13.1 yesterday along w/ a x-country teammate and father. From Lawrenceville GA. This was a great achievement for my son and the t-shirt meant a lot. I didn’t run (and feel guilty about it) but do plan to return next year and I plan to run. You put on a great event!! Thank You.
– Mike Shirley, Lawrenceville, GA

Great race- beautiful!
Rachel Foster, Land O Lakes, FL

I would like to share with you my opinions with regards to the race held on January 23rd. First off the venue was absolutely incredible. I could not get over the views and wish I could have stopped to take it all in. The after race food and drink was also something I was very impressed with. There was no shortage of food or drink to help in the re-nourishing of the body.
– Kurt R. Schneider, Cumming, GA

This was my first time doing the Clearwater Halfathon. I had been battling an injury the two weeks leading up to the race and I almost did not get to participate. Getting that race bib in the mail motivated me to get to the root of the problem so I could participate. I did not complete it in the time I had hoped for but was able to do it and finish. It was a great race. The scenery was beautiful and it was quite challenging. I will definitely plan to do this race again when my endurance is better and hope for a better time. The wind and the bridges were definitely daunting.
– Lee Casteris, Tampa, FL

This is a wonderful race you have put together. Organization wise, water stops, support, everything. You ran out of t-shirts this time but I am guessing because of the amount of people you had this time ,which is great news! This is my second time running it and I just can’t get enough of it, so I am definitely coming back next year for more of those bridges 😉 Thanks to all of those volunteers that did such a wonderful job in a cold, windy morning and especially so early in the morning. Once again, another great race!!
– Miriala Mondeja, Tampa, FL

Thanks for making my first 13.1 so memorable. I didn’t research the race at all and was surprised, though pleasantly, that it had the bridge runs. At mile 12 when I saw the causeway coming, it took a lot to tackle it one last time. Wearing my custom number, “F13”, I proudly finished at 2:06 when my goal was 2:15 or better. I can’t wait for the beach race in March.
– Jen Kowalski, St. Petersburg, FL

Both my husband and I raced in the Clearwater Halfathon last Saturday and we both had excellent experiences. The course was beautiful but challenging, especially that last bridge incline! We appreciated the many water/gatorade stops. We both set PR’s and used the race as an indication of our goal time for the upcoming Gasparilla marathon. The food and beverages at the end of the race were plentiful. Thanks again for a great race from start to finish!
– Allison and Andrew Chandler, St. Petersburg, FL

It was a great race. My second year in a row. Great job as always. Thank you!
– Debra Taylor, St. Petersburg, FL

Sandy Dunn from Oviedo was back again for the THIRD time. As always, the weather and scenic views were awesome. Just like my time, it gets better and better!!!! Now the bridges, that remains the same. They kick my bottom each time!!!! Thanks to all the police officers and volunteers who worked to kept us safe and well hydrated! You all were great!!!! See you in 2011!!!!!
– Sandy Dunn, Oviedo, FL

Thanks again for such a great race! The course was beautiful – I loved every minute of it. Personally, I liked the bridges. The challenge of getting up them is rewarded by a fantastic view from the top. I felt so lucky to live where I do here in FL. I also liked going through the park – very cool change of scenery. You did a great job and I am definitely going to run the Clearwater Halfathon every year!
– Kelly Baker, St. Petersburg, FL
Circulation Manager/Women’s Running Magazine
Operations Manager/The Women’s Half Marathon

I just wanted to say thank you for the day. It was outstanding and I would do it again in a heartbeat if I lived here. I live in Antigua Guatemala, I just maintain a stateside address. So I bet I came the farthest… It was a great start to my stay here and I thought it was well organized. It was a great route, good view of the beach, and great challenge with the bridges. Love the medal! Thanks again and maybe I’ll see you on the next time I come to Florida to visit family. Blessings.
– Nancy Watkins, St. Petersburg, FL

Great race! We enjoyed all aspects–the scenic course, the size of the field, the helpful police and volunteers, and the post-race festivities. Plus the weather was almost perfect. As far as we’re concerned, it couldn’t have been any better! Thank you.
– Eileen and Charles Glovsky, Sudbury, MA

This was my first half-marathon and my Ironman cousin from Texas came out to run it with me! We had such a great time! I’m a short-distance triathlete, so I wanted a beautiful, well-organized first 13.1 and this was definitely that! Loved the scenic course (I used that to sell her on coming out here) as it constantly reminded me what I love about living in Florida! Bridges were challenging, but provided beauty and inspiration with the views! All in all, just a great day! Thanks again for the wonderful organization and communication from registration through post-race results! You guys are really a fabulous event group! We do triathlons throughout the year and have done many races – both my cousin and myself commented on how well this was organized and staffed! Thanks Again.
– Sara Jo Lawrence, Wesley Chapel, FL

I appreciate your efforts in putting on a really nice event. You have a very unique venue for a race and it was one of the more challenging half-marathons that I have run. It is also one of the more scenic. You may recall that I was one of the runners whose time did not register on the initial computer printout, and I was concerned about that because I knew that I had won the Grand Masters division. Your volunteers very politely and professionally sorted out the matter and were able to come up with my correct race time. I really enjoyed the course and the event. The food was great and the fellow with the acoustic guitar added to the ambiance. Thanks again for you hard work. It is clear that a lot of thought and planning went into the event. Best regards.
– Tony Black, Tampa, FL

Congratulations on another great event, I will certainly be their again next year, only with a more prepared fitness level to take on those bridges.
– Dave Watson, Belleair, FL

This was my second halfathon, and I enjoyed the race tremendously. I did not PR, but I was not trying to. This was just a training/fun run that was more of an excuse to get out of Chicago for a weekend in January! As far as my impression of the race, it is a lot of fun. The bridges are challenging, but beautiful. The volunteers were great, and I especially enjoy the post-race pasta and beer. That is a real treat. All in all, it is a great race! Thanks.
Andy Boyd, Wheaton, IL

I wanted to give some feedback on the Clearwater Halfathon. I really enjoyed the course; the description was accurate. The weather was beautiful for us Wisconsiners. This was our first time in Clearwater FL and we really enjoyed the city and race.
– Brianne Lehrkamp, Oshkosh, WI

I am writing you a quick email to say thanks for a great race on Saturday. I really enjoyed it. I started to have IT band issues at about mile 7 and struggled for the remainder of the race so not my best half. However, my issues aside, the race was really well organized, great route, and top notch volunteers. Thanks for all of your efforts in making the race such a great one!
– Clare O’Connor, Halifax, NS

Back to cold IL!! I had a wonderful time at your event on Saturday. I flew in with my mother and ran with my cousin. This is the first race my mom was able to see and it was a perfect one as well. Plenty of course support and very well marked. I started with the walker group and did not have a problem following the markings. The bridges were a challenge and I have called them some unpleasant names. Loved going through the park after the second bridge. Finish line food and help were ample even with us coming in toward the end of the pack. The Diet Coke was incredible!! Thanks again for a very well run event.
Karen Aldworth, Shorewood, IL

I really enjoyed the race. It was a great course, beautiful and also challenging at points. I ran the halfathon. Those bridges plus headwinds really added some depth to a mostly flat course. I traveled in from Atlanta and if you’ve run here, you know that we are known for our hills! I hope to be back next year. Overall, it was a very good memory.
– Jenny Schneider, Cumming, GA

The Halfathon was a beautiful course to run, and I would consider running again in the future. Overall it was a good experience.
– John Occhiogrosso, Fairview, NJ

Thank you. I had a great time. You couldn’t have asked for better weather and as always, the volunteers were wonderful.
– June Leland, Tampa, FL

Thanks for the race..great times! Cheers.
Eric Schweitzer, Tampa, FL

Thanks for a great race (and conditions!) last Saturday!
– Nola Johnson, Tarpon Springs, FL

Thanks for a great race. Well done!
– Sean M. King, Clearwater, FL

Thanks to everyone that helped this was another awesome Clearwater Halfathon. The weather was great and a lot of wonderful scenery. I really enjoyed the great post race pasta and other foods. I will see you in March.
– Mike Woods, Holiday, FL

Great race! We loved it. We hope to get back to do it again or maybe one of your other races. Nice to run a flat race for a change of pace. 🙂
– Susan Haymore & Brian Roehsner, Castle Rock, CO

I love this race. As a first year participant, and a returning runner who has not done a half in a decade, I was pleasantly pleased with the result. With runners, it’s the little things that stand out e.g., mile markers, water stops, traffic control, post race stuff, etc. This race has been a two year journey that culminated with a very respectable finish. This winter I used this race as a goal in order to improve my running for the upcoming tri season which will conclude this Oct in Miami at the Inaugural 70.3, which is a qualifier for Clearwater 2011. I was inspired by the scenery, the volunteers, the weather, and other runners during this race, I suspect it has already become the little jewel in the clearwater running community. Many thanks for a superb race.
– Bruce Mann, Clearwater, FL

I was in Clearwater a few years back and did the marathon relay. I planned to return and do the entire marathon myself, but the race was cancelled. And so I waited. I was very excited at the prospect of doing the half AND the marathon this year. I have done the Goofy Challenge 5 times and thought a double-double in the same month would be a neat idea! Alas – the marathon disappeared once again. I was mightily disappointed and considered going somewhere else for a race. But I decided to go ahead and do the half marathon – and I am SO glad that I did! I was most impressed with the organization of the early start. I wasn’t in danger of taking more than 3:30, but a friend was and asked if I would walk with her. Beautiful course – great weather – and a wonderful place for an awards ceremony. I was really pleased with the food selection at the end and the aid stations along the course. There were definitely enough and the volunteers were great.
– Vicki Merry, Cantonment, FL

This was the first time that I’d ever entered into a race and I must say I enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve been running 13 years now, all on my own, and decided to enter the Clearwater Half Marathon just to see what it would be like to compete and to run with other people of same interest. I am pleased to say that the experience was worth it and I spent the morning greatly enjoying and competing in the race. You and your staff was right on point with all the arrangements and catering to the numerous amount of runners that attended. Hats off to you and your staff for the terrific organization and planning that went into making my first experience one to remember all my life.Thank you.
– Wayne Greenwood, Orlando, FL

A quick email to say thanks for putting on another great race. The Clearwater Half is definitely harder than the Holiday Half. My quads are so jellified today!
– Andy Canning, 4th overall, St. Petersburg, FL

I had a wonderful time running the race and enjoying the festivities afterward. The day could not have been more beautiful. Thank you again for providing such a wonderful running experience.
– Dee Anna Farnell, Belleair, FL

I want to thank all for having such a great event and so well organized.
– Luis Valdes, Tampa, FL

Thanks for organizing another great half! I’ll see you at the next race!
– John Wijnmaalen, Holiday, FL

What a totally awesome 1/2 marathon this morning! This is my 6th 1/2 marathon in 8 weeks and I have to say my FAVORITE!! It was my first Clearwater 1/2, but will by no means be my last. I will run it every year from now on!!!! Not only did we have perfect weather, the route was absolutely beautiful, the race staff was awesome and very friendly and the post race festivities were great! Thank you so much for a wonderful race!!!!
– Carol Nicholas, Lecanto, FL

You put on a great race today. I’ve only been back about 3 weeks from my injury and was not prepared for today, but had fun anyway.
– Anna Reschar

Thanks for another great race. I participated in my half marathon last month in Madeira Beach. Thank you for all your hard work making it a well organized race. Will be back next year.
– Denise Abramo

I enjoyed running on such a beautiful course. The volunteers were very kind and funny. One of them teased me about not stopping to drink the water. It was very nice of them to come out and share their time with us. Thank you.
– Jenny Cancello, Trinity, FL

Cheers to another wonderful day of running!!! EVERYONE WAS AWESOME!! That’s right Sandy, Marcy, and Lisa from Oviedo made it back again for an annual girls’ run. We all three made better time than last year. Rock on or should I say run run!!!! Looking forward to the training for the next Clearwater Half Marathon in 2010! Although the bridges are challenging, the scenic view makes up for all the sweat and tears. Thank you very much and see you all again!
– Sandy Dunn, Oviedo, FL

Thank you. It was a great day for a race!
– Jocelyn Zimmet, Palm Harbor, FL

Finally, finally, finally a race that actually takes advantage of FL’s beautiful coastline. Without a doubt, one of the best scenic races I’ve ever run.
– Mark Gaudio, Valrico, FL

Nice race, as always. Thanks for putting it on.
Dave Noyes, St. Petersburg, FL

Thanks for another awesome race. I chose to walk to see what walking a half marathon was like in hopes to get my wife out next year. I was able to easily finish within the 4-hour time frame. There were plenty of water, Gatorade and bathroom stops. What a great way to spend a Sunday morning. Sign me up for next year.
– Allen Weatherilt, Clearwater, FL

You certainly put on a fine event. A great crew of volunteers cannot be thanked enough. While getting my bib, #4 kinda confused me since I was a VERY late entry…..but what a great touch once I figured out what it was about. Just another attention to small details that makes your events so successful. I use your events as a benchmark in my training to let me know how I am doing….but mostly for me, it is not a race, but a celebration.

Oh what a beautiful sunrise while crossing the Sand Key bridge. That gold globe rising portside thru the pinked clouds over the Intracoastal, while the still bright crescent moon dead ahead and above in the early morn sky. Whatever challenges we face in our lives, it is our choice how we react, and for me that was the pinnacle moment…..actually took the pause to soak up an unforgettable sunrise as I went over that bridge…..made my day.

In the effort to make it better for all there are always some areas you may find need attention….but for me it all worked seamlessly without any difficulties. When you initially started the 1/2 hour early start, I was not sure it was for me….I kinda prefer chasing down slower runners as a racewalker. That said I quickly learned that other than being passed by much of the field it was much more enjoyable to be part of the finish festivities. I hope it continues.

btw….having that bicyclist escort on the lead runners is a real plus. I am always concerned that the lead runners will sneak up on me and I do not want to encumber them in their passing. I kinda feel the ‘walker’ start is a courtesy, even though it allows the course to shut down in a timely fashion. I would not want to hear about a gaggle of early walkers inhibit a runner in any manner since there are some narrow areas of the course. I only hope the walkers behind me think similar and keep it single file and spaced allowing the runners to get around them without trouble. Just my thoughts. Thanks again, – Larry Van Fossen, The Brooksville (FL) Racewalker

Great race: beautiful weather, well organized, pretty course. Thanks,
– Patti Hansen, Temple Terrace, FL

I still hate running up and down the two bridges TWICE each. But once I get off of them, it IS a pretty course! What keeps me coming back is that you have continually put on a class event. The volunteers were great, the post-race food was good, the awards are nice (I liked my blue starfish!), and the price is right. Thanks for your efforts and I’ll see you next year!
– Arlene Swartz, Tampa, FL

Thank you for a great race; we had a great time.
– Cac Vuong Nguyen, Tampa, FL

Thank you for your kindness and work you are doing with this. I really enjoyed the race you had there in Clearwater. Exciting and beautiful.
– Rosalie Smith, Winter Haven, FL

Thank you again for making my annual trip over those darn bridges so enjoyable. As always, the volunteers were awesome. Everything from check in to the awards ceremony was in line to make this race one of the best. The weather could not have been more perfect. I especially enjoyed the awards ceremony, which gave me a glimpse into your knowledge of the running community. I had not noticed these personal touches in the past. You seemed to know something about everyone and to sincerely congratulate them on their efforts. Imagine how it must impact an 11-year old to be so well recognized with such a personal story. You must be pleased to attract so many out of towners, as well as local superstars. Congratulations!
– June Leland, Tampa, FL

Once again, another great race. I appreciate the fact that us walkers and “slow-pokes” are not only tolerated but encouraged. I don’t know how you did it, but you must have had a direct line to the Big Runner Upstairs-the weather was absolutely perfect!! And the volunteers and law enforcement, as always, did a superlative job. Each time I have done this race, I have met great people. Keep up the good work, keep the beer cold and flowing, and the traffic out of our way. Do these things, and the race will continue to grow. Thank you.
– Bob Petersen, Columbia, SC

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed running this challenging course. I really appreciate all the hard work you and the volunteers put into running a road race. This was the second time I have run this course and plan on running it again next year. Awesome job on the holiday halfathon too!! Keep up the good work!
– Laurie Meyer, Winter Haven, FL

Congratulations for the event. All was good, except the weather was cold for a Brazilian runner (I’m kidding!). I’m from Brazil on vacation in Florida with my family and I20went to Clearwater last Sunday especially to run Halfathon. I hope came back in 2 years to run again. Beautiful city, people and course.
– Wilson Carvalho, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I participated in this past weekends event! I flew all the way from the suburbs of Cleveland, OH and it was -8 and colder in Cleveland for the weekend. I was happy to be in Clearwater. The reason I flew to Clearwater for the event is because I plan to run 12 half marathons in 12 months! I have completed 4 so far. So, you see, I have been a part of many races big and small. I thought over all your race was a good one. I really enjoyed the challenge of the bridges. The people I spoke with were all from out of state….they were very friendly. Thank you and happy running!
– Beth Nussle, Westlake, OH

Just wanted to thank you all for a great race last Sunday. It was my first time doing this race and I was not disappointed. Love the course, those bridges are a +, love the challenge. DON’T CHANGE THE COURSE EVER! IT IS GREAT. Big thank to all the volunteers out there, outstanding job with the cold temperatures and all supporting us, the runners :0) See you next year!
– Miriala Mondeja, Tampa, FL

Based on what I heard and saw on the internet, the races appear to have gone very well. Congrats!! While I was not able to run in either of these races this year, please note that I always look forward to running in your races come every December and January. Thanks again.
– Robert Maue, Clearwater, FL

Thanks for a scenic race and a wonderful race experience. I really enjoyed it. Course was safe too. I don’t think you could improve anything. Thank you again for a super fun race.
– Elaine Billes, West Bloomfield, MI

I really enjoyed the race in Clearwater . . . such a beautiful course.
– Michele Maltz, Manchester, CT

I enjoyed the race very much. Beautiful course. The bridges were very challenging, but we were well warned via the race website. The race was well organized … the beer and pasta at the finish was a real plus. Overall, I thought the race was well done. I am recommending to my fellow runners that they give this race a try, and I will make an effort to return next year.
– Andrew Boyd, Wheaton, IL

I caught (women’s champion) Melanie Peters at about Mile 11, and was ready to drop off. She wouldn’t let me. She encouraged me to keep up, and to kick at the end. She is a true superstar.
– Ron Rashid, Chicago, IL

I loved this race. I can’t think of anything that needs to be improved. Scenic – yes, very! Challenging – yes, but in a very good way. I have previously run the Holiday Halfathon twice, which is also a great race. Both of these races are very well run. The volunteers are great, very helpful and enthusiastic. They make all of us runners feel like superstars, but they are the real superstars. At the end is the food and the music and the awards ceremony which helps keep the whole experience very fun (free beer is definitely a plus!). A big thanks out to the announcer with her tireless enthusiasm for everyone from the top 10 runners to the three and a half hour folks. Finally, a big thanks to Chris Lauber, the race director. I can’t imagine how much work it is to put all of this together. He also takes a personal interest in each runner out there. Twice now, he has found my personal running blog and thanked ME for coming out to run at a race where he must have put much more effort than the amount I did – all I did was show up and run and have a good time. Thanks again everyone!
– Mark Palamar, New Port Richey, FL

It was my first Clearwater halfathon and hope to come back next year. The bridges were tough but the setting was beautiful. Also, Dean’s post race pasta was delicious. It was a great group of people and nicely well done! Thanks for all the work that everyone put into it!
– Ann Killian Perry, Chicago, IL

You did an awesome job!! What a GREAT race. It was my first 1/2 marathon! The course was challenging, gorgeous and FUN!!….The water stations were well spaced and catered to our every need! The volunteers were the BEST – so friendly and encouraging! The post race food/drinks couldn’t have been better – there were so many goodies to choose from!!. In short, you can be sure I plan to make the Clearwater Half an annual event in my race calendar.
– Nema Runyan, St. Pete Beach, FL

The race was GREAT and the photos of the runners are EXCELLENT. Thanks again… both races are worth doing again next year!
– Sandi V. Buell, Seminole, FL

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know my wife (Michelle) and I had a great time running the 13.1 miles. We were in town from Randallstown, Maryland visiting Michelle’s grandpa and found out about your race in the local paper on Saturday. We drove day of from Springhill to the event and we were glad that we did. The course was well supported, plenty of bathrooms at the start and the finish line food & drink were great. Parking was A+. As for the bridges, they were not that difficult for us as we run the hills of Maryland. I am glad that your numbers have grown year to year. Michelle and I have traveled the past 4 Martin Luther Day Weekends. We find it ideal to travel to a Half marathon over the 3 days – especially being from the Cold Weather Maryland. If you want to get even more numbers make sure you advertise it as a destination race over the three-day weekend. Best wishes and happy running in 2009.
– Michelle and Michael Albrecht, Randallstown, MD

I am so happy that more people showed up especially because of the race on Saturday. I looked at those results – no name runners participated. You got the best of the county. Very enjoyable race and I was fortunate to receive yet another lovely blue starfish medallion. I am guessing the colors were different on 1st and 2nd place. Thanks so much for having the meatball guy – yum – I was careful NOT to pig out this time. You have done a great job with this race and are headed for a promising future. Congrats to you!
– Karen Alexeev, Gulfport, FL

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“You did an awesome job!! What a GREAT race. It was my first half marathon! The course was challenging, gorgeous and FUN!! The water stations were well spaced and catered to our every need! The volunteers were the BEST – so friendly and encouraging! The post-race food/drinks couldn’t have been better – there was so many goodies to choose from!! In short, you can be sure I plan to make the Clearwater Half an annual event in my race calendar”
– Nema Runyan, St. Pete Beach, FL